Truth Behind Travel

What Makes a Trip 'The Greatest of All' with Expedia's insights

June 16, 2022 Dolores Semeraro Season 2 Episode 52
Truth Behind Travel
What Makes a Trip 'The Greatest of All' with Expedia's insights
Show Notes

VP – Global Partner Marketing at Expedia Troy O'Bryan shares what makes a trip ‘the greatest of all’ before, during, and after the travel experience with research-based insights. 

In today's episode, Truth Behind Travel Podcast's host Dolores Semeraro talks to Portland-based Troy O'Bryan from Expedia about what so we need to invest in when it comes to creating a memorable experience for guests and clients alike, where should $$ budget be allocated and what are the trends we must keep an eye on. 

You will love this episode if you need to:

- know what experiences you should be adding to your travel product to make it 'the greatest
- learn from research-based findings, what are the main trends that you should be aware of
-  understand what’s the digital behavior of today’s travelers? What are they clicking on, and what are they browsing about?

and most importantly ask yourself: What memories do I want my guests to have?

Connect with Troy O'Bryan at Expedia here and don't miss the first episode of Expedia's podcast: Powering Travel here


About Dolores Semeraro

Hello! I am a Hospitality and Tourism Communication Expert and Speaker with 15 years of industry experience.
For the past 20 months, I have helped tourism organizations and travel professionals restore travel confidence and restart their tourism businesses.
I focus on tourism marketing strategies, hospitality digital marketing and communication, and tourism innovation in every keynote, training, or coaching session I deliver across the industry.
You can learn more about me by listening to my travel recovery podcast called ‘Truth Behind Travel’ where I interview tourism industry leaders and travel experts on the core topic of Travel Recovery.

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S2 E52 - What Makes a Trip 'The Greatest of All' with Expedia's insights
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Dolores Semeraro is a Tourism Keynote Speaker & Hospitality Communication Expert who has helped hospitality, tourism organizations, and travel professionals to navigate the tourism industry crisis during the pandemic and restore travel confidence in their clients.

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