Truth Behind Travel

The Truth Behind Travel To Sri Lanka Today

September 15, 2022 Dolores Semeraro Season 3 Episode 53
Truth Behind Travel
The Truth Behind Travel To Sri Lanka Today
Show Notes

Chairman of Jetwing Hotels & Resorts Sri Lanka, Mr Hiran Coray, opens up about what tourism on the island looks like after the recent SriLankan Civil Protests led to a major government change in leadership and administration.

Hiran shares:
- False Perception of the Destination
- Safety and Availability of Supplies on the Island
- What you can expect as tourist if you travel to Sri Lanka today

In particular, host Dolores Semeraro and Hiran Coray discuss the vision of the country moving forward, its values and projects to revive not only the tourism industry but the travellers trust as a whole.


Season 3 Episode 53
"The Truth Behind Travel To Sri Lanka Today" with Hiran Coray

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