Truth Behind Travel

Where is Travel Writing Heading?

September 22, 2022 Dolores Semeraro Season 3 Episode 54
Truth Behind Travel
Where is Travel Writing Heading?
Show Notes

Travel writer and blogger Chloe Dickenson opens up about being a travel writer these days, the content formats and where is travel writing heading in the future. 

Particularly for one aspect, which affects all of our customer in this industry– whether they travel or not – that is the world of travel writing. 

Yes, because whether they are actually traveling or not, reading about destinations, hotels, experiences truly affect the way they feel, plan, decide to travel again. 

So today on the podcast, I wanted to explore a bit more 

  • how does the life of a travel writer looks like these days, 
  • what are the responsibilities they feel compelled to 
  • how is the ever-changing world of social media content format affecting the future of travel writing

particularly if you – as a tourism industry entrepreneur, business owner or hotel manager – are planning to work with travel writers to revive your web presence and connect again with your true audience. 


My guest today is the author of the travel blog IamJustaGirl16 Chloe is a nomadic traveler, blogger and freelance writer who travel-proof each piece of writing she creates. 

Chloe’s purpose of travel writing is to inspire and inform people – normal people – about affordable luxury, a travel experience that does not have to compromise, but instead is about choosing what best works for each traveler. 


Season 3 Episode 54
"Where is Travel Writing Heading?" with Chloe Dickenson

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