Truth Behind Travel

Charitable Travel: The successful formula of 'Giving instead of Gaining'

December 03, 2022 Dolores Semeraro Season 3 Episode 58
Truth Behind Travel
Charitable Travel: The successful formula of 'Giving instead of Gaining'
Show Notes

Podcast host Dolores Semeraro interviews Charitable Travel Founder Melissa Tilling on the secret formula behind the success of her innovative business model.

Charitable Travel is an innovative social enterprise travel company that combines charitable giving with great value, choice and quality holidays, flights, hotels and cruises to worldwide destinations. #Travelforgood

As a not-for-private-profit social enterprise, they sacrifice part of their commission to allow their clients to support the causes they care about while they book the holidays of their dreams at prices they’ll love. Charitable Travel is an independent travel agent with the ability to sell holidays from almost 200 suppliers.

Season 3 Episode 58

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About Dolores Semeraro

Dolores Semeraro is a Tourism & Hospitality Marketing Specialist and International Tourism Keynote Speaker focusing on Tourism Innovation, Recovery Strategies and Travel Resilience with 20 years of experience in hospitality, marketing, and communication. 

During her career, Dolores has worked in Europe, China, The Maldives, and The Republic of Mauritius for some of the most established hotel companies across Asia and the Indian Ocean. 

Tourism Marketing and Digital Communication are Dolores’ key areas of expertise, she pioneered the use of social media for hospitality and tourism in the Maldives since the very early days of the use of social networks. 

Most recently, as the pandemic brought the global outlook of the tourism industry to a halt, Dolores launched the world’s first travel recovery podcast called ‘Truth Behind Travel’ where she interviews tourism industry leaders and travel experts on the core topic of Travel Recovery. Within months from its launch, the podcast ranked #1 in travel and places on Apple Podcast across the Indian Ocean region.

As the hospitality and tourism industry embarks on a journey towards travel recovery, Dolores has brought her hospitality keynotes to a global virtual stage having been invited to speak at international tourism summits as a Hospitality Expert on Travel Recovery. She has also been the host of travel and hospitality virtual events moderating p

Dolores Semeraro is an internationally recognized tourism keynote speaker and trainer who has inspired thousands of people in the tourism industry to build a stronger, more sustainable, and more resilient future of travel.

In her keynotes, Dolores shares with her audience how to develop sustainable marketing thinking through her action-oriented thought process, which observes the interconnectivity of the stages in the travel product life cycle.

By applying this process, operators in the tourism, travel, and hospitality sectors can visibly enhance the longevity of their marketing strategies, effectively rendering them more sustainable in the long term for the well-being of all stakeholders involved.

Dolores is a passionate advocate for responsible travel, sustainability, and innovation. With her signature Mediterranean warmth and straightforwardness, she encourages audiences to challenge their "Business As Usual" status and strive for the improvement of the tourism industry and the well-being of all stakeholders.

Through her decades-long experience in the industry, she has motivated hoteliers and tourism professionals to take action, enhance their communication, and create a purposeful and innovative tourism ecosystem.

She also advocates for slow travel, exemplified by her extensive travels with her husband and beloved dog in their campervan. When not chronicling ...