Truth Behind Travel

The Power of The Global Collective for Travel

May 19, 2023 Dolores Semeraro Season 3 Episode 65
Truth Behind Travel
The Power of The Global Collective for Travel
Show Notes

The GLOBAL COLLECTIVE FOR TRAVEL is a group of Destination Management Companies dedicated to true connections between the travellers and the destination. 

The Founders of The Global Collective for Travel Tuan Pham, Çağlar Gökgün and Pravin Tamang speak to host Dolores Semeraro about:

  • The truth behind carbon offsetting
  • Community tourism frameworks
  • How does greenwashing looks like so travellers can learn how to spot it

 For them, sustainability and community tourism are not just buzzwords– they do not want to leave things as they found them, the want to leave things better! 

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Dolores Semeraro is a Tourism Keynote Speaker & Hospitality Communication Expert who has helped hospitality, tourism organizations, and travel professionals to navigate the tourism industry crisis during the pandemic and restore travel confidence in their clients.

Prior to becoming am international tourism speaker, Dolores has worked in tourism and hospitality for about 20 years across Europe, Asia and the Indian Ocean in Marketing and Communication senior roles for some of the most established global hospitality organizations.

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