Truth Behind Travel

From Accessible Travel to Inclusive Travel Today

November 19, 2023 Dolores Semeraro Season 4 Episode 68
Truth Behind Travel
From Accessible Travel to Inclusive Travel Today
Show Notes

Dolores Semeraro on the truth behind Accessible Travel today with guest speakers Ali Parker from Travel Counsellors and Mike and Silvia Hill from Endeavour Safaris in Botswana. 

We most commonly in tourism and travel, refer to Accessible Travel as the sphere in which travellers with limited mobility or disabilities can access travel options in a fully inclusive way. 

 In this episode we explore the truth behind booking accessible travel holidays for travel agents and tourism operators. In particular we discuss: 

1.  The Educational Sphere around Accessible Travel: the training needed amongst the tourism operators in order to deliver great travel experiences for travellers with limited mobilities or disabilities. 

2. The Supply Chain and all the parts involved in delivering the perfect travel experience: from the travel enquiry to the accommodation, the transport and all the logistics. 

3. The Hotel experience and how can hotel rooms & suites be more accessible and inclusive without compromising the look and feel of the space. 

4. Normalise Accessible Travel and the conversations we have both with the clients and the suppliers: how do we shift from accessible to inclusive.

5. The Business Volume: is it big enough to prompt more investments and much needed changes? 

6. The role of Governments and the public authorities in tourism and travel in Accessible Travel, where do the private operators feel supported and where, instead, lack of support negatively impacts the outcome of the travel experience. 

The Podcast guests:

Ali Parker - personal travel consultant with Travel Counsellors, a global award-winning travel professionals’ network. 

Ali has more than 20 years’ experience in making holidays and travel accessible and inclusive to all, and ever passionate on how to create holidays and travel that meet the need of travellers with even the most complex access and mobility requirements. 

 Ali is going to take us on a journey to when Accessible Travel was not even a thing to a world where traveling on a wheelchair is not a privilege but a right. 

 Mike and Silvia Hill - founders of Endeavor Safaris in - Maun, Botswana where they operate – perhaps being the only ones  - incredible safari

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