Truth Behind Travel

Tourism & Travel: How to nail The Art of Gift Giving your business partners

December 15, 2023 Dolores Semeraro Season 4 Episode 69
Truth Behind Travel
Tourism & Travel: How to nail The Art of Gift Giving your business partners
Show Notes

Podcast host Dolores Semeraro interviews Josh Filer, Managing Director of D&S Travel Supplies based in the UK on how to nail the art of gift giving in the tourism and travel corporate world. 

This is a very special time of the year. 

For those of you celebrating the festivities ahead of us, this is a time that calls for celebration and reflection, time that we want to spend with our families and friends.

But even if you are not celebrating the festivities right around the corner, it’s almost impossible to escape the commercial side of things and the urge of buying gifts for the ones we love, the ones we work with, the boss or anyone else for that matter nowadays. 

So today’s podcast episode is dedicated to the art of gifting, particularly in the hospitality and tourism industry. 

How do we gift a business partner? A client of the travel agency, an attendees of our trade and tourism event, a guest of our hotel? 

And most importantly

What do we gift them with? A branded pen? A notebook? So much in the gifting arena has been said and done, so today, when eco-friendly materials and renewable energies are becoming one of the key decision factors in whether a gift is successful or not, wrapping up a branded item is simply not enough. 

My guest today is an expert in the art of gifting, particularly when it comes to corporate branded gift in the travel and hospitality industry. Mr. Josh Filer. 

Josh is the Director of D&S Travel Supplies, a specialist in promotional gifts and branded merchandise based in the UK. 

With Josh we are going to discuss how the art of gifting in the corporate world has changed over the years, what are people asking and how we can come up with the perfect gift for the perfect occasion, a process that he calls ‘the journey’. 


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