Truth Behind Travel

Thailand | Rebuilding Trust in Hospitality Workforce

July 13, 2021 Dolores Semeraro Season 1 Episode 36
Truth Behind Travel
Thailand | Rebuilding Trust in Hospitality Workforce
Show Notes

General Manager of Poppies Resort Samui and President Skal International - Samui James Francis McManaman shares his insights on a life dedicated to hospitality and tourism. 

James embodies how industry operators can lead with compassion, humanity and vision and care for the people of the industry rather than the industry of people.
During this episode, Dolores Semeraro discussed with James:
- What have the tourism operators learned over the past few months
- How can the Leaders of the Hospitality Industry rebuild trust (not just in travel) but across the workforce and get the right people to join (or re-join) hospitality
-How to handle employees social media exposure or exposè
- What is Skal International and the Samui cluster and why it matters to the future of the industry

Your Host: Dolores Semeraro

Hospitality Virtual Keynote Speaker Dolores Semeraro is a Travel Recovery Strategist with more than 15 years of experience in hospitality, marketing, and trading. She is passionate about helping her clients develop the leadership strategies they need to restore travel confidence and win their customers back.

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Season 1 - Episode 36
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Dolores Semeraro is a Tourism Keynote Speaker & Hospitality Communication Expert who has helped hospitality, tourism organizations, and travel professionals to navigate the tourism industry crisis during the pandemic and restore travel confidence in their clients.

Prior to becoming am international tourism speaker, Dolores has worked in tourism and hospitality for about 20 years across Europe, Asia and the Indian Ocean in Marketing and Communication senior roles for some of the most established global hospitality organizations.

She delivers inspiring and actionable Tourism & Hospitality Keynote talks to travel and tourism conferences, summits, and industry events focusing on the future of travel, travel and tourism recovery, hospitality digital marketing and communication, and tourism innovation.