Truth Behind Travel

Global | How to Develop a Mindset of Well-being Before Traveling

August 23, 2021 Dolores Semeraro Season 1 Episode 39
Truth Behind Travel
Global | How to Develop a Mindset of Well-being Before Traveling
Show Notes

How to ease your anxiety levels before traveling but setting up pre-travel habits with Well-being Coach James Granstrom.

This podcast episode focuses on
- How to develop a mindset of well-being around travel
- How to ease your anxiety levels before traveling but setting up pre-travel habits
- How to Shift your ability to focus on what’s ahead by tapping into your natural wellbeing

The episode's insights are coming directly to you from a wellness and well-being master and coach whose life is dedicated to helping people build their inner strength based on their natural capabilities. He is a former international model turned podcast host turned well-being coach whose teachings and insights are based on first-hand experiences and learnings. I trust his intuitive wisdom and I wanted to have a conversation with him about how we are better travelers IF we are better humans first. 

During this episode, James Granstrom also shares the daily golden habits he never gives up, how to set your intentions before traveling and why meditation changed his life's energy and brought him to his current state of regenerative well-being.

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Travelers’ choices and priorities have changed. So if you are wondering why your content online is losing momentum and you see your loyal customers no longer engaging with your brand but buying from the completion instead, I want to share with you the 6 reasons why your message i

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