Truth Behind Travel

Successful Hotel Content Marketing Strategies during the Pandemic

January 06, 2022 Dolores Semeraro Season 2 Episode 45
Truth Behind Travel
Successful Hotel Content Marketing Strategies during the Pandemic
Show Notes
Hotel Content Marketing never sleeps! And those in charge of this key communication tool are the ones who constantly feed inspiration, information, motivation to travellers.

During this episode we discuss how Hotel Content Marketing done well can:

- adapt to what your audience wants to read and watch online, 
- grow your followership organically 
- turn your team into an evergreen content-making machine

In today’s episode, we reflect on how difficult hotel content marketing has been during the pandemic and how hotel marketing communication specialists  - particularly those based on remote island destinations - have managed not only to survive in this ocean of sameness on social media but to thrive and grow. 

My guest today opens the first interview of Women in Travel in-depth mini-series on Truth Behind Travel, a series of conversations with visionary, entrepreneurial women working at the forefront tourism and hospitality industry. 

 She has worked across countries, successfully opened several multi-million hotel projects and now serves as Cluster Assistant Director of Marketing at Accor Maldives, overseeing all the portfolio’s properties of this iconic destination. 

Join me in welcoming Laurean Sahilices 

Here is the list of downloads mentioned during today's episode:

REPORT: Top 10 Travel Behaviour Trends in 2022:
Blog Post: Post-pandemic tourism marketing strategies: the power of acknowledging fears of travel:

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Hello! I am a Hospitality and Tourism Communication Expert and Speaker with 15 years of industry experience.

For the past 20 months, I have helped tourism organizations and travel professionals restore travel confidence and restart their tourism business. 

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Dolores Semeraro is a Tourism Keynote Speaker & Hospitality Communication Expert who has helped hospitality, tourism organizations, and travel professionals to navigate the tourism industry crisis during the pandemic and restore travel confidence in their clients.

Prior to becoming am international tourism speaker, Dolores has worked in tourism and hospitality for about 20 years across Europe, Asia and the Indian Ocean in Marketing and Communication senior roles for some of the most established global hospitality organizations.

She delivers inspiring and actionable Tourism & Hospitality Keynote talks to travel and tourism conferences, summits, and industry events focusing on the future of travel, travel and tourism recovery, hospitality digital marketing and communication, and tourism innovation.