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Hospitality Design VS Operations: Solutions and Misconceptions

January 20, 2022 Dolores Semeraro Season 2 Episode 46
Truth Behind Travel
Hospitality Design VS Operations: Solutions and Misconceptions
Show Notes

What's the gap between hospitality operations and hospitality design. How does one help the other? 

If you are a hotelier or a hotel owner planning a renovation, or if you have in the middle of one, stay with me on today’s episode because my podcast guest is going to share with you:

  • what does the perfect designer brief need to include so that you can prepare the right information ahead of your designer meeting, save big dollars in design scope and reach your most desired ultimate design? 
  • what are the most common hospitality designer misconceptions and how to turn designers into problem solvers

My guest today is the Chief Operating Officer of the international design firm Campbell House – a global team with 25 designers and team members scattered across US, Europe and Asia. 

I am very excited for today’s episode because I personally did three openings and renovation projects so there will be a lot of juicy stories going down during the conversation today, Help me welcome Monika Moser. 

Monika Bio

A self-described “hotelier at heart,” she possesses over two decades of hospitality industry experience. She brings a deep understanding of hotel operations and a unique cultural perspective to each global strategic initiative. Monika joined Campbell House as the Chief Operating Officer providing leadership, management, and vision to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency. She earned a Certificate of Hospitality Management at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, and an MBA in Hospitality Management at ESSEC (IMHI) University in Paris, France.

Campbell House, founded in 2021, is a full-service architectural interior design firm, with studios in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and Paris. Focused on high-engagement design solutions for hospitality, food + beverage, entertainment, gaming, wellness and corporate workplace, Campbell House openly and unapologetically puts our people and culture first. Bringing to bear the best talent to support our client’s needs, regardless of location, Campbell House delivers engagement design in an era of meaning and purpose.


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S2 E46 - Hospitality Design VS Operations: Solutions and Misconceptions
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